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June Field said:   May 24, 2019 10:45 am PST
Dear Fadi, I appreciate your call this evening, at 7.30pm to explain the costs. May I point out that no where in your store is a price list nor terms of business. I felt really threatened when you said you would not refund me. I was not told you'd take over 3 weeks until I had paid £120. I also felt you stepped out of line when you started saying you could charge to speak, when you had called me. I realise you are a business but these are simple repairs. I'd like a full refund on the skirt of £60 please. Not 75%. I also don't like being told that I could not afford the repairs on the bag. I'll collect the Zagliani handbag at lunchtime tomorrow. As you cannot provide any finish date on the repairs, it's not the kind of service I am looking for. I'm sure you have a busy clientele. I will collect them all tomorrow and my £120.

Grace, The Riverside Tailors said:   August 5, 2017 6:28 am PST
Dear Debbie Carey, before taking a risk and deciding to go ahead, you were clearly advised that replacing the cotton lining on your old roman blinds with a blackout lining would not overcome the old fabric stretch issue. Given the complex nature of the job, we are confident our team did well, with neither marks nor particularly noticeable stretch left. We apologise for not accepting to take in your other curtains and wish you good luck with your future tailors. We appreciate your complaint contribution, and hope that it will help our future customers. -Grace, The Riverside Tailors

Grace, The Riverside Tailors said:   August 5, 2017 5:05 am PST
Dear John Pringle, you discussed your curtains with three tailors face-to-face in store, where you requested different specifications on every occasion. Our manager, as a kind gesture, supplied new fabric for you so that the curtains could be made again. On collection, you lied to the seamstress and took back every fabric piece, including our fabric, for your own future use. We always do our best to satisfy justified complaints, however in this case we cannot refund and are sorry that the Consumer Rights Act will not cover you on this occasion. We appreciate your complaint contribution, which we hope will help our future customers. -Grace, The Riverside Tailors

Mr Pringle said:   July 31, 2017 3:11 pm PST
I ordered in Feb 2017 five very simple wardrobe door curtains to hang on net rods. I supplied ample fabric which was very expensive. Unknown to me at the time, I was latterly advised the work was outsourced to a contractor who cut the curtains the wrong size, stitching was unprofessional and curtains were then poorly patched due to cutting incorrect sizes. Fadi agreed to have the curtains re-made with new fabric, but they were not re-made as promised, but only patched again and the second attempt was just as poor as the first. After this, Fadi avoided my calls and had the curtains adjusted again without my pre-agreement. The third attempt was still very poor as re-patched and poorly stitched. This whole process took approximately seven weeks and I was not refunded directly by Fadi for the unacceptable service, nor reimbursed for the fabric I supplied now destroyed, as incorrectly I was advised the service was at my own risk ! I was offered in response to my complaints at one point a discount on future orders placed ! I finally reclaimed back the cost of the service paid for via my credit card company and reported this unreasonable contract term which conflicts with the Consumer Right Act to Trading Standards. I will not be placing any further orders.

Debbie Carey said:   May 29, 2017 1:41 am PST
I took two roman blinds to be re-lined and they came back in a terrible state: one was over an inch shorter, they were both narrower and the stitching was all over the place with puckering all up the blinds. The staff were embarrassed and they were re-done without success. Fadi was dismissive, saying there was nothing he could do and walked away, refusing to take phone calls. I put in a dispute with Barclaycard who were supportive and gave me my money back although be law they can't claim it from the retailer as I didn't have an invoice. Be warned, do not hand over any money as apparently everything is done at the customers risk. In fact, my opinion is not to go here.

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